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Hand-cut paper and digital collage from space.

I'm a synesthete, when I hear music I see it.

I collaborate with musicians to visually spread their sounds.

Available for commissions. 

COLLABORATIONS (tap on): Radio Quar

                                                     Frammenti Rivista

                                                     Magma Magazine

                                                     NPC magazine

                                                     Impatto Sonoro


                                                     Artisti in Rete Solidale

MENTIONS (tap on): BuzzFeed

              ‎                         Neonpajamas


                                       Trust In the You of Now

                                       The Blog That Celebrates Itself

                                       Son Of Marketing

                                       Nicole's museum blog

                                       SF webzine


Solo exhibition, Spazio 432hz, Mestre/ October 2020
En Papier exhibition, Libreria Minerva, Padova/ March 2018
Solo exhibition, Bar Più, Mestre/ October 2017
Festival Rospi in Libertà, Noale/ August 2017
Solo exhibition, Flat, Mestre/ October 2016
Festival Rospi in Libertà, Noale/ August 2016
Faro Psych Festival, Isola Vicentina/ June 2015

Blitz Art, Carmini, Venezia/ June 2014


''Collage is the noble conquest of the irrational, the coupling of two realities, irreconcilable in appearance, upon a plane which apparently does not suit them.''

Max Ernst

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